18″ Full Crash Paiste Cymbal


My 18″ full crash Paiste twenty custom series cymbal that I used in the latest Six Feet Under album TORMENT. This was my dominant crash cymbal that you hear throughout the album. If you’re a die hard SFU fan or just a fan of Lord Marco, this is an opportunity of a lifetime! You can listen to Torment while holding (or staring) at the exact cymbal I am hitting. The particular cymbal has been discontinued from Paiste cymbal company as well. It was my favorite crash but since it actually cracked during the recording of Torment I figured why not give it up for a true fan?

I will autograph it, and write on it stating when and where it was exactly used. As well as add any other writings of your choice. Thank you all for the support!

Out of stock

Out of stock

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